List of Verified persons with INFJ MBTI Personality type


Criminal Adolf Hitler

Name Adolf Hitler Profession Criminal Date of Birth 1889-04-20 Place of Birth Austria Age 56 yrs Death Date 1945-04-30 Birth ...
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Niels Bohr

Name Niels Bohr Profession Physicist Date of Birth 1885-10-07 Place of Birth Copenhagen, Denmark Age 77 yrs Death Date 1962-11-18 ...
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Park Bo-gum

Name Park Bo-gum Profession TV Actor Date of Birth 1993-06-16 Place of Birth Seoul, South Korea Age Death Date Birth ...
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Mahatma Gandhi

Name Mahatma Gandhi Profession Civil Rights Leader Date of Birth 1869-10-02 Place of Birth Portbandar, India Age 78 yrs Death ...
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Fyodor Dostoevsky

Name Fyodor Dostoevsky Profession Novelist Date of Birth 1821-11-11 Place of Birth Moscow, Russia Age 59 yrs Death Date 1881-02-09 ...
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Agatha Christie

Name Agatha Christie Profession Novelist Date of Birth 1890-09-15 Place of Birth Torquay, England Age 85 yrs Death Date 1976-01-12 ...
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J.K. Rowling

Name J.K. Rowling Profession Young Adult Author Date of Birth 1965-07-31 Place of Birth Yate, England Age Death Date Birth ...
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Eleanor Roosevelt

Name Eleanor Roosevelt Profession Political Wife Date of Birth 1884-10-11 Place of Birth New York City, NY Age 78 yrs ...
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