INTjs have a characteristic ascetic face. There are two reason for this. Firstly the facial structure itself is often reminiscent of ancient portraits because of its angularity and composition of the features, like cheekbone and eyebrow arcs. Secondly their facial expression is often accepted as emotionless and severe. Their face is usually pale or bloodless. Males often have a short haircut.

In many cases INTjs are slim. Their stomach is usually placed ahead of the chest giving them their characteristic posture. Their gait is somewhat unsure, wavering slightly. Sometimes it seems like they are not sure where they are going. This becomes more obvious in moments of excitement. Their clothes are not usually very striking. INTjs do not like to attract excessive attention to themselves and most of the time they stick to simple clothes, often wearing the same style and composition for a long time.

Adrien Brody

Adrien Brody MOVIE ACTOR BIRTHDAY April 14, 1973 BIRTHPLACE Queens, NY BIRTH SIGN Aries Popularity About Dramatic actor who won ...
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Jodie Foster

About First gained fame for her role as a teenage prostitute in the 1976 Martin Scorsese film Taxi Driver. She won Academy Awards ...
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Bobby Fischer | Chess Player

Name Bobby Fischer Profession Chess Player Date of Birth 1943-03-09 Place of Birth Chicago, IL Age 64 yrs Death Date ...
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John Forbes Nash | Mathematician

Name John Forbes Nash Profession Mathematician Date of Birth 1928-06-13 Place of Birth Bluefield, WV Age 86 yrs Death Date ...
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Sergio Busquets | Soccer Player

Name Sergio Busquets Profession Soccer Player Date of Birth 1988-07-16 Place of Birth Sabadell, Spain Age Death Date Birth Sign ...
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Karl Marx | Philosopher

Name Karl Marx Profession Philosopher Date of Birth 1970-01-01 Place of Birth Trier, Germany Age 64 yrs Death Date 1883-03-14 ...
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Hillary Clinton | Politician

Name Hillary Clinton Profession Politician Date of Birth 1947-10-26 Place of Birth Chicago, IL Age Death Date Birth Sign Scorpio ...
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Sir Isaac Newton | Physicist

Name Sir Isaac Newton Profession Physicist Date of Birth 1643-01-04 Place of Birth Woolsthorpe, England Age 84 yrs Death Date ...
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