List of Verified Famous people with ISFJ MBTI Personality type

Ethical-Sensory Intratim – ISFj (The Guardian)
Based upon original work by Victor Gulenko with some alterations

ISFj s often have a very characteristic facial expression that usually shows alertness and readiness to resist. Sometimes their regular facial expression may show dissatisfaction, a critical disposition or even anger. When ISFj s are thinking they may fix their eyes to an object or person for a long period. In these cases their eyes may show a look of bewilderment in reflection to the situation they are in. ISFj s can remain in the same position for a long time.

ISFj s normally have slightly thick lips which they normally keep tightly together. Their facial structure is smooth, with a distinct lack of prominent or sharp cheek bones. ISFj s can have very slim and elongated figures as well as full figures with big, wide shoulders. Their clothes are always tidy and often strictly elegant with a touch of officially even when they are not at work.


ESI \ ISFj Faces Example: 


Famous ESI \ ISFj s: 

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