ISFp’s often have a characteristic stout or chubby, rounded figure. They often have short legs and a bouncy gait, giving the impression of a big springy ball. Their faces are usually smooth and round without any obvious projections. In moments of passionate conversation they can often swallow air like a fish. When ISFp’s try to explain things, they can move their eyebrows considerably.

ISFp’s generally appear to be soft-hearted, but can become quite assertive if required. Their facial expression can change suddenly and unexpectedly from friendly one to a stern one, especially when they wish to distance themselves psychologically from someone. ISFp’s are often inclined to give advise concerning will power and initiative.

SEI \ ISFp Faces Example: 

Famous SEI \ ISFp‘s:


Steven Spielberg

Name Steven Spielberg Profession Director Date of Birth 1946-12-18 Place of Birth Cincinnati, OH Age Death Date Birth Sign Sagittarius ...
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JeanCarlo Leon

Name JeanCarlo Leon Profession TikTok Star Date of Birth 1996-09-03 Place of Birth Colombia Age Death Date Birth Sign Virgo ...
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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Name Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Profession Composer Date of Birth 1756-01-27 Place of Birth Salzburg, Austria Age 35 yrs Death Date ...
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Fred Astaire

Name Fred Astaire Profession Movie Actor Date of Birth 1970-01-01 Place of Birth Omaha, NE Age 88 yrs Death Date ...
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Paul Gauguin

Name Paul Gauguin Profession Painter Date of Birth 1848-06-07 Place of Birth Paris, France Age 54 yrs Death Date 1903-05-08 ...
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Ulysses S. Grant

Name Ulysses S. Grant Profession US President Date of Birth 1822-04-27 Place of Birth Point Pleasant, OH Age 63 yrs ...
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Brooke Shields

Name Brooke Shields Profession Movie Actress Date of Birth 1970-01-01 Place of Birth New York City, NY Age Death Date ...
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Barbra Streisand

Name Barbra Streisand Profession Pop Singer Date of Birth 1942-04-24 Place of Birth New York City, NY Age Death Date ...
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