ISTj’s often have a very firm, solid figure, especially males. They keep their feet rooted to the ground giving the impression that they are sturdy and secure. Their heads are firmly fixed squarely to their shoulders and are practically immovable. Their necks appear to be inflexible so when they turn their head their shoulders usually follow. Their facial expressions are somewhat unemotional and show great concentration.

Male ISTj’s often wear a moustache. If they do not have one then there probably is a logical reason for it, as in general they all agree that a moustache is a good idea. Their clothes are often clean, ironed and tidy. They follow strict styles, never being too flashy or extravagant. It is as if military uniforms were designed specifically for ISTj’s. They take great care of their appearance and may criticize people who do not.

LSI \ ISTj Faces Example: 

Famous LSI \ ISTj‘s: 


Augustus Augustus About Statesman and military leader who controlled Imperial Rome from 27 BC until his death as the first ...
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Bob Chapek

Bob Chapek is Chief Executive Officer of The Walt Disney Company, one of the world’s largest media and entertainment companies ...
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Calvin Coolidge

Name Calvin Coolidge Profession US President Date of Birth 1872-07-04 Place of Birth Plymouth Notch, VT Age 60 yrs Death ...
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Matt Damon

Name Matt Damon Profession Movie Actor Date of Birth 1970-10-08 Place of Birth Cambridge, MA Age Death Date Birth Sign ...
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Robert De Niro

Name Robert De Niro Profession Movie Actor Date of Birth 1943-08-17 Place of Birth New York City, NY Age Death ...
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Sigmund Freud – Psychiatrist

Name Sigmund Freud Profession Psychiatrist Date of Birth 1970-01-01 Place of Birth Pribor, Czech Republic Age 83 yrs Death Date ...
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Movie Actor Christopher Lee

Name Christopher Lee Profession Movie Actor Date of Birth 1970-01-01 Place of Birth London, England Age 93 yrs Death Date ...
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Movie Actor – Sean Connery

Name Sean Connery Profession Movie Actor Date of Birth 1930-08-25 Place of Birth Edinburgh, Scotland Age Death Date Birth Sign ...
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