ISTp’s normally have a very characteristic passionless facial expression, indeed their whole appearance shows a lack of emotion which may be interpreted as calmness, mystery or inaccessibility. Some ISTp’s hide their lack of emotion behind the slightly artificial smile of a person who is seeking sensible pleasures. Their facial expressions often show scepticism or mistrust. Their faces are usually oval in shape and get more narrow towards the bottom, however more square faces are not rare.

Their mouth line is often calm, straight and turned slightly downwards at the corners. ISTp’s have a characteristic one sided smile which when combined with their scepticism can sometimes be interpreted as self-satisfaction. Their teeth are often of equal width and their mouth is usually kept tightly shut even when relaxed. ISTp’s also have a characteristic springy gait with the knees slightly bent giving them a characteristic surreptitious walk. In many cases ISTp’s have athletic physical structures. ISTp’s prefer informal or sporty style clothes which look more comfortable than aesthetic. Clothes usually fit ISTp’s well.

SLI \ ISTp Faces Example: 

Famous SLI \ ISTp‘s: 


List of Verified Famous people with ISTP MBTI Personality type

Charlie Yeager

Charles Elwood Yeager is a retired United States Air Force officer, flying ace, and record-setting test pilot. In 1947, he became the first ...
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Michael Carrick

Name Michael Carrick Profession Soccer Player Date of Birth 1981-07-28 Place of Birth Wallsend, England Age Death Date Birth Sign ...
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Clint Eastwood

Name Clint Eastwood Profession Director Date of Birth 1970-01-01 Place of Birth San Francisco, CA Age Death Date Birth Sign ...
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Michael Jordan

Name Michael Jordan Profession Basketball Player Date of Birth 1963-02-17 Place of Birth Brooklyn, NY Age Death Date Birth Sign ...
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Movie Actor James Dean

Name James Dean Profession Movie Actor Date of Birth 1931-02-08 Place of Birth Marion, IN Age 24 yrs Death Date ...
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Movie Actress Demi Moore

Name Demi Moore Profession Movie Actress Date of Birth 1962-11-11 Place of Birth Roswell, NM Age Death Date Birth Sign ...
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Movie Actor Burt Reynolds

Name Burt Reynolds Profession Movie Actor Date of Birth 1936-02-11 Place of Birth Lansing, MI Age 82 yrs Death Date ...
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YouTube Star – SSSniperWolf

Name SSSniperWolf Profession YouTube Star Date of Birth 1992-10-22 Place of Birth England Age Death Date Birth Sign Libra About ...
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