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Karen Ip

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Name Karen Ip
Profession Instagram Star
Date of Birth 2000-08-10
Place of Birth Hong Kong,
Death Date
Birth Sign Leo

About Karen Ip

Fashion and beauty aficionado formerly known as Baby Kae. She has become incredibly popular sharing selfies and short videos showcasing her daily style on her popular Instagram account. Since the account’s beginning, she has earned more than 1.3 million dedicated followers. 

Early Life Experience of Karen Ip

In October 2015, she posted her first photo to Instagram captioned “The importance of importance.” 

Trivia Info

She has a FruityPoppin YouTube channel where she posted the debut video “Sweet Dewy Sugar” in September 2017. 

Family Life and Relationship

She was born an only child in Hong Kong, China; but grew up in Toronto, Canada

Close Associates

She has posted photos with fellow Instagrammer lolannaxo whose also been based in Toronto

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