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Marko Zaror

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Name Marko Zaror
Profession Movie Actor
Date of Birth 1978-06-10
Place of Birth Chile
Death Date
Birth Sign Gemini

About Marko Zaror

Actor, stunt double and martial artist who has played heavies in movies like Machete Kills (2013) and performed stunts in movies like The Rundown (2003). He holds black belts in judo and aikido as well as a green belt in shotokan.

Early Life Experience of Marko Zaror

He began practicing marts at age 6, inspired by Bruce Lee. He later moved to Mexico, where he began working as a model

Trivia Info

He won a Taurus Award for Best Overall Stunt by a Stunt Man for his Jeep stunt in The Rundown, where he was the double of Dwayne Johnson.

Family Life and Relationship

His parents are Gina Aguad and Fernando Zaror. He previously dated actress Celine Reymond.

Close Associates

He was directed by Robert Rodriguez in Machete Kills. 

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