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Mu Shiying

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Name Mu Shiying
Profession Novelist
Date of Birth 1912-03-14
Place of Birth China
Age 28 yrs
Death Date 1940-06-28
Birth Sign Pisces

About Mu Shiying

Remembered best for his modernist works of short fiction, Mu is famous for the stories “Five in a Nightclub,” “Shanghai Fox-trot,” and “Craven A.” Many of his literary works take place in Shanghai dance halls and focus on the alienating effects of modern urban life.

Early Life Experience of Mu Shiying

While studying at Shanghai Guanghua University, he published his debut short story, “Our World,” and was subsequently mentored by Shi Zhecun (the editor of the journal in which the story was published).

Trivia Info

In addition to short stories, he penned essays screenplays, and novels.

Family Life and Relationship

Born in Cixi, Ningbo, Zhejiang, he grew up as the child of Shi Cuifeng and banker Mu Jingting. He later married a dance hall worker named Qiu Peipei.

Close Associates

For reasons that remain unclear, Mu was assassinated by members of Chiang Kai Shek’s resistance army.

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