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Nicol Sepulveda

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Name Nicol Sepulveda
Profession Illustrator
Date of Birth 1987-07-25
Place of Birth Chile
Death Date
Birth Sign Leo

About Nicol Sepulveda

Illustrator and artist who is known for her unique style of characters often drawn in color next to words and phrases. Her caricatures and comic inspired illustrations are shared with her over 190,000 Instagram followers. 

Early Life Experience of Nicol Sepulveda

She first began posting her original artwork to Instagram in June of 2013. 

Trivia Info

She produced her own book of illustrations entitled La Vida De Nicol. She also sells merchandise including mugs, cases, and other products with her art printed on them. 

Family Life and Relationship

She was born and raised in Chile

Close Associates

Catalina Bustos Mendoza is a fellow illustrator from Chile who shares his original artwork to Instagram. 

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