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Park Geun|hye

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Name Park Geun-hye
Profession World Leader
Date of Birth 1952-02-02
Place of Birth Daegu,
South Korea
Death Date
Birth Sign Aquarius

About Park Geun-hye

South Korea’s first female president who took office in February 2013. Before becoming president she served four consecutive parliamentary terms and was a member of Korean National Assembly.

Early Life Experience of Park Geun-hye

In a country still very much gripped by patriarchy, she proudly campaigned on her gender, calling herself the first prepared woman president.

Trivia Info

She found it difficult to escape from under the shadow of her father, first defending his controversial actions by saying the circumstances called for it, and then apologizing for the people he hurt.

Family Life and Relationship

Her father Park Chung-hee ruled the country with an iron first for 18 years before being assassinated by his intelligence chief.

Close Associates

She and Malala Yousafzai, another woman changing politics in the world, were both named among Time magazine’s most influential people of 2013.

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