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Pedro Cayuqueo

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Name Pedro Cayuqueo
Profession Journalist
Date of Birth 1975-12-28
Place of Birth Chile
Death Date
Birth Sign Capricorn

About Pedro Cayuqueo

Chilean journalist who is known for his work as a columnist and writer for several newspapers including La Tercera and Austral de Temuco. He is also known for his work hosting several programs on CNN Chile and the VTR network including the show Kulmapu. 

Early Life Experience of Pedro Cayuqueo

He attended the Catholic University of Temuco where he studied law as well as La Frontera where he earned his degree in Journalism. After completing several internships in Denmark, Spain, and Mexico, he published his first book Solo Por Ser Indios in 2012. 

Trivia Info

He has won several awards for his work in journalism including the Municipal Prize of Literature of Santiago for non-fiction in 2018 and the Samuel Chavkin Award for Ibero-American Journalism in 2013. 

Family Life and Relationship

He was born and raised in Puerto Saavedra, Chile

Close Associates

Fernanda Hansen is a fellow journalist from Chile who is also known for her work presenting on the CNN Chile channel. 

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