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Name Pumpkin Jenn
Profession YouTube Star
Date of Birth 1994-02-04
Place of Birth Hong Kong,
Death Date
Birth Sign Aquarius

About Pumpkin Jenn

YouTube beauty guru and illustrator known for her vlog channel, where she’s accumulated more than 200,000 followers. Her videos range from personal vlogs to beauty tutorials and challenge videos.

Early Life Experience of Pumpkin Jenn

One of her earliest videos on YouTube was “Get Ready With Me #1 Back To School, Make up and Outfit” posted in November 2013.

Trivia Info

She is a talented illustrator and is known for having posted photos of her artwork on Instagram.

Family Life and Relationship

Born Jenn Lam, she is closed with her family and has featured photos of her brother and mother on Instagram.

Close Associates

She has created makeup tutorials inspired by artists like Lorde and Kendall Jenner.

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