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Virginia Demaria

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Name Virginia Demaria
Profession Chef
Date of Birth 1980-10-31
Place of Birth Santiago,
Death Date
Birth Sign Scorpio

About Virginia Demaria

Chilean chef and TV presenter who became known as the morning chef on the television series Canned Chicken in 2005. She has also appeared on Fox for Family Flavors and Mananeros. She has also been a radio host on Oasis FM.

Early Life Experience of Virginia Demaria

She studied international cuisine at the Culinary Institute of Santiago for three years.

Trivia Info

She has authored several of her own cookbooks, including Moments, By Hand, Plan V and Weaving is my Superpower.

Family Life and Relationship

She was born the youngest of five sisters in Santiago, Chile. Her mother died when she was 7 years old.

Close Associates

She and Guy Fieri are both celebrity chefs who have also become TV presenters.

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