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Yaya Han

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Name Yaya Han
Profession Model
Date of Birth 1982-04-10
Place of Birth China
Death Date
Birth Sign Aries

About Yaya Han

Model, cosplay entertainer, and costume designer known for her eponymous brand of cosplay merchandising. She has appeared as a guest, panelist, and performer at hundreds of cosplay events around the world.

Early Life Experience of Yaya Han

She attended the Anime Expo in 1999 as a young fan of the anime art form. She has said it was here that she was inspired to create costumes, and implement her pre-existing creative disposition in that way.

Trivia Info

She has made over 300 costumes in various genres that include anime, comic books, and video games. She has been featured as a guest judge in 2 seasons of the TBS competition TV show King of the Nerds.

Family Life and Relationship

Although born in China, she was raised in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Close Associates

She appeared alongside Chloe Dykstra on both the first and second seasons of the TV show Heroes of Cosplay.

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