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So, is Roma - Eusebio di francescoPersonlity really an ENFP? There are 16 personality types (based on Jung, Myers Briggs, and character traits). The top votes from our followers who selected their preferred matched MBTI type are displayed in the results below. Total of 20 MBTI votes.

According to the results of the MBTI, Roma - Eusebio di francescoPersonlity is an ENFP Myers-Briggs personality type. However, twenty person(s) have cast ballots so far, representing 8% of the total.

It is worth noting that the accuracy and usefulness of personality assessments like the MBTI have been subject to debate within the psychology community, and while they can offer some insights, individuals may exhibit traits and behaviors that do not neatly fit into a single personality type category.

Average MBTI Type by functions: Ne,Fi,Te,Si
#Pos Func Description
Dom Ne Extroverted Intuition, Intuition of Possibilities & Ideas
Aux Fi Introverted Feeling, Relational Ethics
Tert Te Extroverted Thinking, Practical Logic
Inf Si Introverted Sensing, Experiential Sensing

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Type 7 individuals are known as "The Enthusiast" and are spontaneous, adventurous, and optimistic. They enjoy seeking out new experiences, which can make commitment and follow-through challenging.

The MBTI is based on the work of Carl Jung.

The MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) is a personality assessment tool based on the work of Carl Jung. It categorizes individuals into 16 different personality types based on their preferences for four different dichotomies: extraversion vs. introversion, sensing vs. intuition, thinking vs. feeling, and judging vs. perceiving. The four-letter codes representing each personality type are determined by the individual's preferences in each dichotomy. The MBTI is commonly used for personal development, career counseling, and team building, but has been criticized for its scientific validity and reliability.

It's important to keep in mind that MBTI assessments should be taken with a grain of salt and not be considered the ultimate determinant of one's personality type. It's also worth noting that the results mentioned here are based on a single vote, so they may not be representative of the broader consensus. There is no information provided about Eden Saban's Enneagram type.

Unlike the MBTI, which is based on preferences and dichotomies, the Enneagram is based on a spectrum of traits and motivations that shape an individual's behavior and outlook. Each personality type has a fundamental motivation that drives their actions and is often linked to specific fears or desires.

Individuals can develop and improve themselves within their personality type by gaining self-awareness and working on areas of weakness. The Enneagram is widely used for personal growth, team building, and leadership development. Despite criticisms of its lack of scientific validity, the Enneagram remains a popular tool for those seeking to better understand themselves and others.


First name
Last name
Di Francesco
Date of birth
8 September 1969
Country of birth
Place of birth
178 cm
71 kg



Team From To
Roma June 2017  
Sassuolo March 2014 June 2017
Sassuolo June 2012 January 2014
Lecce June 2011 December 2011
Pescara January 2010 June 2011
Virtus Lanciano June 2008 January 2009


Club Domestic
Serie B Winner 1x 2012/2013

Eusebio Di Francesco might not be the most well-known name for football fans outside of Italy but he soon will be as he will be the man leading AS Roma in the Champions League next season. Di Francesco played for Roma in the late 90 s and early 00 s, making 129 appearances and scoring 16 goals as a central midfielder who also won 13 caps for Italy and, crucially, the Scudetto with Roma in 2001. Di Francesco has made a name for himself as a coach due to his fantastic work at Sassuolo over the last five years and now finally gets a crack at a big club. Here we take a look at his tactical philosophy at Sassuolo and what his appointment will mean at Roma.


Di Francesco has mostly used a very flexible defensive system where his 4-3-3-formation becomes 4-5-1 when defending deep. The team defends positionally when defending deep and therefore moves according to the position of the ball, their teammates and the space behind and in front. There s little space between the lines of midfield and defence and oppositions are forced wide. When defending higher up the pitch and using a high press though, Di Francesco implements man-orientated pressing schemes. As you understand, the coach sees the value of different defensive systems and is prepared to change based on the opposition and the players at his disposal.

Below we see a video of Sassuolo s man-orientated pressing scheme away at Juventus last year which sees them stop the effective build up of Massimiliano Allegri s men to regain the ball.

Concluded MBTI Personality: ESTP

Read more on ESTP Functions here

I ve got my thoughts, but I m not really sure of them, so I think I ll wait for other theories about further managers (and players).

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