Eleanor Hoyt Brainerd |

Eleanor Hoyt Brainerd |

Name Eleanor Hoyt Brainerd
Date of Birth 1868-01-31
Place of Birth Iowa
Age 74 yrs
Death Date 1942-03-18
Birth Sign Aquarius

About Eleanor Hoyt Brainerd

A fashion journalist, she also wrote several popular novels intended for young women, including The Misdemeanors of Nancy and For Love of Mary Ellen.

Early Life of Eleanor Hoyt Brainerd

She began as a fashion writer for the New York Sun. Early in her career, she also contributed to Ladies Home Journal and The Saturday Evening Post.


Her books focused on brave adolescent women, often orphaned, who overcame great adversity.

Family Life

Her parents, Louisa Smith and Walter Hoyt, were prominent abolitionists. She married attorney Charles Brainerd in 1904.

Associated With

Her most popular novel, How Could You, Jean?, was made into a silent film starring Mary Pickford.

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