Isabel Princess Imperial of Brazil

Isabel Princess Imperial of Brazil

Name Isabel Princess Imperial of Brazil
Profession Princess
Date of Birth 1846-07-29
Place of Birth Paco de Sao,
Age 75 yrs
Death Date 1921-11-14
Birth Sign Leo

About Isabel Princess Imperial of Brazil

While serving, in her father’s absence, as Regent of Brazil, this heir to the throne signed into law the Lei Aurea, an act that freed every slave in the country of Brazil. A member of the House of Braganza, she was the daughter of Emperor Dom Pedro II and Empress Dona Teresa Cristina. 

Early Life Experience of Isabel Princess Imperial of Brazil

She became heir to the throne following the 1847 death of her older brother, Afonso, and the subsequent passing of her younger brother, Pedro.

Trivia Info

After her family’s reign fell to a military coup, she settled in France, where she lived in exile for the final three decades of her life.

Family Life and Relationship

She and her younger sister, Leopoldina, grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Isabel later married the French-born Prince Gaston, Count of Eu, with whom she had three sons (Princes Pedro de Alcantara, Luis, and Antonio) and one daughter (Princess Luiza Vitoria).

Close Associates

She and Manuel II of Portugal were both nineteenth-century-born royals and members of the House of Braganza.

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