Dee Breezy

Dee Breezy

Name Dee Breezy
Profession Instagram Star
Date of Birth 1994-09-09
Place of Birth Maryland
Death Date
Birth Sign Virgo

About Dee Breezy

Social media star who is best known for his song “Main Girl.” He has more than 90,000 followers on Instagram, and he previously gained fame on Vine before the app was shut down.

Early Life of Dee Breezy

He posted his first video to Vine on May 20th, 2013. He took a brief hiatus towards the end of 2013, not posting a video from September 18th until January 3rd, 2014.


He was a member of the Vine group that called themselves Teamwildside.

Family Life

He is from Capitol Heights in Maryland. He has two sisters. 

Associated With

His Teamwildside family included Snupe, Lucky Cooder Kron, Daisy, Goofys, and Salmineo.

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Illustrator | Jay Breezy

Name Jay Breezy
Profession Illustrator
Date of Birth 1995-10-10
Place of Birth Accra,
Death Date
Birth Sign Libra

About Jay Breezy

Multi-talented individual who is best known for his graphics and illustrations that frequently feature pop/R&B star Chris Brown. He provided artwork for Brown’s album Royalty.

Early Life Experience of Jay Breezy

He created his Twitter account in July of 2010 and posted his first media to Instagram in March of 2013.

Trivia Info

He has also worked in photography, music, art and dance.

Family Life and Relationship

He was born in Accra, Ghana.

Close Associates

His Instagram feed is full of illustrations of Chris Brown.

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