Movie Actor |  Kyle Harrison Breitkopf

Movie Actor | Kyle Harrison Breitkopf

Name Kyle Harrison Breitkopf
Profession Movie Actor
Date of Birth 2005-07-13
Place of Birth Toronto,
Death Date
Birth Sign Cancer

About Kyle Harrison Breitkopf

Canadian actor best known for his role as Barker Simmons in the 2012 film Parental Guidance. He also appeared in the TV series Saving Hope and The Whispers. In 2017, he had a role in the film Wonder. 

Early Life Experience of Kyle Harrison Breitkopf

He started acting at age four and booked six short films in his first year.

Trivia Info

He was named after actor Harrison Ford since they both share a birthday.

Family Life and Relationship

He has three sisters and is originally from Toronto, Canada.

Close Associates

He had a role in the 2012 film, Parental Guidance, starring Billy Crystal.

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