Guitarist | Dan Bremner

Name Dan Bremner
Profession Guitarist
Date of Birth 1994-11-14
Place of Birth Dudley,
Death Date
Birth Sign Scorpio

About Dan Bremner

Lead guitarist and backing vocalist with the British rock band EofE.

Early Life Experience of Dan Bremner

His first love was soccer and he went through professional trials. Unfortunately, he broke his leg which resulted in a cast for 9 months which led to him picking up the guitar and never putting it down.

Trivia Info

He built a collection of more than 10 guitars, as well as a mandolin, with his favorite guitar being his 1959 Gibson Les Paul reissue.

Family Life and Relationship

He saw his uncle play guitar when he was younger and thought it looked cool. He was born in Dudley, West Midlands, England.

Close Associates

He has met Steven Tyler twice and had the opportunity to play live at the Playboy Mansion as part of Bruce Kulick’s Rock Camp band.

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Comedian |  Rory Bremner

Comedian | Rory Bremner

Name Rory Bremner
Profession Comedian
Date of Birth 1961-04-06
Place of Birth Scotland
Death Date
Birth Sign Aries

About Rory Bremner

Famous for his work on the comedy programs Bremner, Bird and Fortune; Mock the Week; and Rory Bremner…Who Else?, this popular impressionist and political satirist is also known for hosting the Channel Four game show Face the Clock.

Early Life Experience of Rory Bremner

A native of Edinburgh, Scotland, he later relocated to England to study German and French at King’s College London.

Trivia Info

Apart from his work as a comedian, he produced English translations of a play by Brecht and operas by Bizet, Weill, and Offenbach.

Family Life and Relationship

His first marriage — to Susan Shackleton — lasted from 1987 until 1995. With his second wife, Tessa Campbell Fraser, he raised two daughters.

Close Associates

He co-starred with fellow comedians John Fortune and John Bird in the sketch comedy program Bremner, Bird and Fortune.

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