Catherine Breshkovsky

Catherine Breshkovsky

Name Catherine Breshkovsky
Profession Politician
Date of Birth 1844-01-13
Place of Birth Belarus
Age 90 yrs
Death Date 1934-09-12
Birth Sign Capricorn

About Catherine Breshkovsky

Russian socialist sometimes known as Babushka, who was often referred to as the Grandmother of the Russian Revolution. She was forced to flee following the October Revolution and later died in Czechoslovakia.

Early Life Experience of Catherine Breshkovsky

She became a follower of anarchist Mikhail Bakunin at age 26.

Trivia Info

She formed a socialist revolutionary group after her exile to Siberia and helped to organize the Socialist-Revolutionary Party in 1901.

Family Life and Relationship

Her son Nikolay Breshko-Breshkovsky became a writer.

Close Associates

She and politician David Ben-Gurion were both imprisoned during the Russian Revolution of 1905.

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