Georg Buchner

Georg Buchner

Name Georg Buchner
Profession Playwright
Date of Birth 1813-10-17
Place of Birth Germany
Age 23 yrs
Death Date 1837-02-19
Birth Sign Libra

About Georg Buchner

A German playwright, poet, and prose writer, he is best known for his satirical drama, Leonce and Lena, as well as for his 1835 play, Danton’s Death. His other dramas include The Hessian Courier and Woyzeck.

Early Life Experience of Georg Buchner

He read modern languages in secondary school before studying medicine, politics, and French literature in Strasbourg.

Trivia Info

After involving himself in revolutionary activities, he was accused of treason, and he narrowly escaped imprisonment and death.

Family Life and Relationship

He was a relative of the famous philosopher and physician, Ludwig Büchner, as well as of the renowned chemist, Ernst Büchner.

Close Associates

He translated two of Victor Hugo’s plays into German.

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