Bobby Buckets

Bobby Buckets

Name Bobby Buckets
Profession YouTube Star
Date of Birth 1995-04-15
Place of Birth United States
Death Date
Birth Sign Aries

About Bobby Buckets

Content creator on YouTube who dedicated his channel to all things NBA Live Mobile.

Early Life of Bobby Buckets

He played different games early in his YouTube career before earning his biggest fan base with his NBA Live Mobile content. Some of the early games he played included Taichi Panda, Deck Heroes and Soda Dungeon.


He has accrued more than 100,000 subscribers for his Bobby Buckets channel. He surpassed the 5 million total view mark in April of 2017.

Family Life

He is an American YouTuber.

Associated With

A couple of his most watched videos feature the video game version of Steph Curry.

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