Buddy Myer

Buddy Myer

Name Buddy Myer
Profession Baseball Player
Date of Birth 1904-03-16
Place of Birth Mississippi
Age 70 yrs
Death Date 1974-10-31
Birth Sign Pisces

About Buddy Myer

MLB player who hit over .300 during his 17-year career with the Washington Senators and Boston Red Sox.

Early Life of Buddy Myer

He would agree to play professional baseball only if he was allowed to finish his education at Mississippi A&M.


He was traded for five players in 1928.

Family Life

He had two sons with his wife Minnie.

Associated With

He played most of his career with the Washington Senators, the only Hall of Fame pitcher Walter Perry Johnson ever played with.

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Buddy Fogelson

Buddy Fogelson

Name Buddy Fogelson
Profession Entrepreneur
Date of Birth 1900-02-16
Place of Birth Nebraska
Age 87 yrs
Death Date 1987-12-01
Birth Sign Aquarius

About Buddy Fogelson

Texas wildcatter who made a fortune from oil and married into British acting royalty.

Early Life of Buddy Fogelson

He started out raising cattle on his ranch, the Forked Lightning Ranch, next to the Pecos River southeast of Santa Fe, New Mexico.


He owned and bred Thoroughbred racehorses and purchased Ack Ack from Harry F. Guggenheim’s estate in 1971.

Family Life

He was visiting Hollywood in 1948 when a mutual friend, Peter Lawford, introduced him to his future wife Greer Garson. Garson had seven Academy Award nominations and a Best Actress win in 1942.

Associated With

He was on General Dwight Eisenhower’s staff during World War II, heading up oil procurement for the Allied Forces.

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Buddy Gorman

Buddy Gorman

Name Buddy Gorman
Profession Movie Actor
Date of Birth 1921-09-02
Place of Birth New York
Age 88 yrs
Death Date 2010-04-01
Birth Sign Virgo

About Buddy Gorman

American movie and stage actor who was part of the popular comedy groups The East Side Kids and The Bowery Boys. The 22 East Side Kids movies include Bowery Champs and Boys of the City.

Early Life of Buddy Gorman

He was raised in New York, but left home after high school to pursue acting in California.


He opened a magic shop in North Hollywood after retiring from acting.

Family Life

He married Rosemary Christoff on June 17, 1951.

Associated With

He acted alongside Leo Gorcey in a number of films.

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Buddy Suttle

Buddy Suttle

Name Buddy Suttle
Profession Instagram Star
Date of Birth 1985-01-13
Place of Birth Petamula, CA
Death Date
Birth Sign Capricorn

About Buddy Suttle

Instagram star and motorcycle freestyler who is known for riding a variety of bikes and performing dangerous maneuvers for his over 80,000 Instagram followers. He is known for having earned representation Monster Energy, Simpson Helmets, and Dunlop. 

Early Life of Buddy Suttle

He first began posting pictures of his riding to Instagram in February of 2012. 


He is known for being a member and rider of Unknown Industries which features a variety of Harley riders who perform tricks on their bikes.

Family Life

He was born and raised in Petaluma, California. He can often be seen photographed with his girlfriend JP. 

Associated With

As a rider for Unknown Industries, he is on the same team as Kade Gates. 

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Buddy Allin

Buddy Allin

Name Buddy Allin
Profession Golfer
Date of Birth 1944-10-13
Place of Birth Washington
Age 62 yrs
Death Date 2007-03-10
Birth Sign Libra

About Buddy Allin

Former professional golfer who won 5 PGA Tour events and tied for tenth place at the 1974 U.S. Open and 1975 PGA Championship.

Early Life of Buddy Allin

He was an artillery officer for the Army during the Vietnam war and earned 2 purple hearts and a bronze star.


He played with Johnny Miller at BYU.

Family Life

He was survived by his wife Carol, and three children Eva, Aaron and Erica, plus four grand children.

Associated With

He defeated Ben Crenshaw by 1 stroke at the 1976 Pleasant Valley Classic.

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