Ferdinand I Of Bulgaria | King

Ferdinand I Of Bulgaria | King

Name Ferdinand I Of Bulgaria
Profession King
Date of Birth 1861-02-26
Place of Birth Bulgaria
Age 87 yrs
Death Date 1948-09-10
Birth Sign Pisces

About Ferdinand I Of Bulgaria

Ruler of Bulgaria from 1908 to 1918 who notably elevated Bulgaria to the status of a kingdom. He was also an author and botanist. 

Early Life Experience of Ferdinand I Of Bulgaria

He grew up in a noble family and was the heir apparent to the throne in 1887.

Trivia Info

As ruler of Bulgaria he joined the other Balkan states in an unsuccessful assault on the Ottoman Empire to free occupied territories.

Family Life and Relationship

His son Boris III took over upon his abdication following Bulgaria’s defeat in WWI and he is a distant relative of German Emperor Wilhelm II.

Close Associates

The artist Christo is another famous Bulgarian.

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Bulgaria | Simeon Slavchev

Bulgaria | Simeon Slavchev

First name Simeon
Last name Slavchev
Nationality Bulgaria
Date of birth 25 September 1993
Age 26
Country of birth Bulgaria
Place of birth Sofia
Position Midfielder
Height 186 cm
Weight 77 kg
Foot Right
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