Gavin Bunkelman | R&B Singer

Gavin Bunkelman | R&B Singer

Name Gavin Bunkelman
Profession R&B Singer
Date of Birth 1998-08-01
Place of Birth Wisconsin
Death Date
Birth Sign Leo

About Gavin Bunkelman

independent singer, songwriter, and producer who originally gained popularity collaborating with fellow Viners Ian and Evan Melchior. He released his debut album in 2018.

Early Life of Gavin Bunkelman

He posted a first Vine, called “It just slips sometimes, you know? #Loop,” in June of 2014. He has been singing and writing since elementary school.


He began releasing his own original music in 2017.

Family Life

He is from Wisconsin. He has credited his mother as one of his biggest role models. His sister has also made a profound impact on his life.

Associated With

He edited together his own Vine with a Brent Rivera Vine to create one video called “The daily life of Brent’s therapist.”

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