Skateboarder | Justin Kalani Burbage

Name Justin Kalani Burbage
Profession Skateboarder
Date of Birth 1994-07-16
Place of Birth Honolulu, HI
Death Date
Birth Sign Cancer

About Justin Kalani Burbage

Lifestyle influencer, professional skateboarder and surfer whose adventurous lifestyle is on display on his popular Instagram account that more than 120,000 followers. He also vlogs on YouTube, where he has collaborated with Alex Hayes and Karlie Thoma.

Early Life Experience of Justin Kalani Burbage

He was homeschooled his entire life.

Trivia Info

He was featured in the Samsung Galaxy 8 and S8 official introduction video and has partnered with other brands like Red Bull and AT&T as well.

Family Life and Relationship

He was born in Honolulu, Hawaii

Close Associates

He is a best friend of Jay Alvarrez.

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