Steve Van Buren

Steve Van Buren

Name Steve Van Buren
Profession Football Player
Date of Birth 1920-12-28
Place of Birth Honduras
Age 91 yrs
Death Date 2012-08-23
Birth Sign Capricorn

About Steve Van Buren

Hall of Fame 1940’s NFL running back was a 4-time rushing champion and 7-time All-Pro with the Eagles from 1944 to 1951.

Early Life of Steve Van Buren

He was drafted 5th overall by the Eagles in 1944, after leading the nation in touchdowns at Louisiana State University.


His #15 jersey was retired by the Philadelphia Eagles.

Family Life

He was orphaned as a child in La Ceiba, Honduras before moving to New Orleans to live with relatives.

Associated With

He was selected to the NFL 75th Anniversary All-Time Team with Jim Brown.

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Martin Van Buren

Martin Van Buren

Name Martin Van Buren
Profession US President
Date of Birth 1782-12-05
Place of Birth Kinderhook, NY
Age 79 yrs
Death Date 1862-07-24
Birth Sign Sagittarius

About Martin Van Buren

Eighth president of the United States and the first president not of British or Scots-Irish ancestry, as well as the first to be born a U.S. citizen.

Early Life Experience of Martin Van Buren

He spoke English as a second language, with Dutch being his first.

Trivia Info

He presided over an economically difficult time in the nation’s history, which was known as the Panic of 1837. Because of this, his political enemies nicknamed him Martin Van Ruin.

Family Life and Relationship

He married his childhood sweetheart and first cousin once removed, Hannah Hoes, in February 1807.

Close Associates

He was defeated in his bid for re-election by William Henry Harrison.

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