James Chester

Name James Chester
Profession Soccer Player
Date of Birth 1989-01-23
Place of Birth Warrington,
Death Date
Birth Sign Aquarius

About James Chester

Center back who was under contract with Manchester United from 2007-2011, spending most of his time on loan before signing with Hull City in 2011.

Early Life of James Chester

He played youth soccer for Manchester United from 2005-2007.


He played for Carlisle United in 2010-2011.

Family Life

He was born in Warrington, England.

Associated With

Defender Andy Dawson was his teammate at Hull City from 2011-2013.

Chester Bennington

Name Chester Bennington
Profession Rock Singer
Date of Birth 1976-03-20
Place of Birth Phoenix, AZ
Age 41 yrs
Death Date 2017-07-20
Birth Sign Pisces

About Chester Bennington

Singer who gained fame as the lead vocalist of Linkin Park. The band’s 2000 album, Hybrid Theory, was certified Diamond. He also performed with the Stone Temple Pilots.  

Early Life of Chester Bennington

He dreamed of joining Depeche Mode and got a job at Burger King to fund his cocaine and crystal meth habits before getting clean. He had a tumultuous childhood. 


His single with Linkin Park “Numb” was certified Platinum in 2003. 

Family Life

He married Samantha Bennington on October 31, 1996. They divorced in 2005 and he married Talinda Ann Bentley that same year. He had four sons named Isaiah, Tyler, Jaime and Draven and two daughters named Lila and Lily.  

Associated With

He helped create the music for Linkin Park’s bestselling album, Meteora, along with DJ Joe Hahn.

Chester W. Nimitz

Name Chester W. Nimitz
Profession War Hero
Date of Birth 1885-02-24
Place of Birth Fredericksburg, TX
Age 80 yrs
Death Date 1966-02-20
Birth Sign Pisces

About Chester W. Nimitz

U.S. Navy Fleet Admiral who served during World War II as Commander-in-Chief of Pacific Ocean Areas.

Early Life Experience of Chester W. Nimitz

He originally intended to join the U.S. Army, but instead ended up becoming an officer in the Navy.

Trivia Info

He was the last person to hold the position of U.S. Fleet Admiral.

Family Life and Relationship

His grandfather, Charles Henry Nimitz, was a member of the German Merchant Marine.

Close Associates

He and Kenneth Starr were both born in Texas.

Chester A. Arthur

Name Chester A. Arthur
Profession US President
Date of Birth 1829-10-05
Place of Birth Fairfield, VT
Age 57 yrs
Death Date 1886-11-18
Birth Sign Libra

About Chester A. Arthur

The 21st president of the United States who ascended to office following the assassination of President James A. Garfield.

Early Life Experience of Chester A. Arthur

His successful representation of Elizabeth Jennings Graham in her 1854 civil rights case against the New York City streetcar lines resulted in the desegregation of the city’s streetcars.

Trivia Info

He was diagnosed with the kidney ailment Bright’s disease, later known as nephritis, soon after taking the oath of office, a condition that he attempted to keep private.

Family Life and Relationship

He married Ellen Lewis Herndon in October 1859, and the couple had three children together.

Close Associates

He was passionate in his support of Henry Clay’s presidential bid while he was in school, occasionally leading to fisticuffs with James K. Polk supporters.

Chester Greenwood

Name Chester Greenwood
Profession Entrepreneur
Date of Birth 1858-12-04
Place of Birth Maine
Age 78 yrs
Death Date 1937-07-05
Birth Sign Sagittarius

About Chester Greenwood

American inventor most famous for having invented the modern earmuffs in 1873. He was a shrewd businessman and owned patents on a variety of other inventions, including a steel tooth rake and a tea kettle.

Early Life Experience of Chester Greenwood

He was born in Farmington, Maine and dropped out of grammar school. He first came up with the idea for earmuffs while ice skating at age 15.

Trivia Info

December 21st was declared Chester Greenwood Day by the state of Maine in 1977.

Family Life and Relationship

He was married to Isabel Whittier and fathered four children.

Close Associates

He and microwave oven co-inventor Percy Spencer were born born in Maine.

Daniel Chester French – Sculptor

Name Daniel Chester French
Profession Sculptor
Date of Birth 1850-04-20
Place of Birth Exeter, NH
Age 81 yrs
Death Date 1931-10-07
Birth Sign Taurus

About Daniel Chester French

Sculptor who created the Lincoln Memorial statue of Lincoln in a chair, he was one of the most prolific American sculptors of the 19th century.

Early Life Experience of Daniel Chester French

He spent a year studying sculpture in Florence, Italy with the sculptor Thomas Ball.

Trivia Info

He was one of the founding members of the National Sculpture Society.

Family Life and Relationship

Daniel’s parents were Anne Richardson and Henry Flagg French.

Close Associates

He was a friend and neighbor of Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Chester See

Name Chester See
Profession YouTube Star
Date of Birth 1983-04-20
Place of Birth Fairfield, CA
Death Date
Birth Sign Taurus

About Chester See

Musician, actor, and producer who posts sketch, gaming and both original and cover songs to his self-titled YouTube channel. He has more than 1.9 million subscribers.

Early Life Experience of Chester See

He began playing the piano at age six and began writing songs at age ten. He worked as a Disney 365 correspondent on the Disney Channel.

Trivia Info

He was part of the web series Internet Icon and the 2010 film Consumption.

Family Life and Relationship

He is half Filipino on his mother’s side and has an older sister named Alysia. He has dated fellow web star Grace Helbig.

Close Associates

He has a series called Bed Talk in which he chats with YouTubers such as Hannah Hart and Shay Carl in bed.

Rita Wilson

Name Rita Wilson
Profession Movie Actress
Date of Birth 1956-10-26
Place of Birth Los Angeles, CA
Death Date
Birth Sign Scorpio


About Rita Wilson

Actress who sang in, produced, and played the role of Roxie Hart in the musical Chicago. She also played Marguerite in the 1996 film That Thing You Do! and Liz Langston in Jingle All the Way.

Early Life Experience of Rita Wilson

She appeared in episodes of The Brady Bunch and Frasier.

Trivia Info

She helped produce the popular sleeper hit, My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Family Life and Relationship

She married actor Tom Hanks, and they had two children together, Chester and Truman.

Close Associates

She appeared in My Life in Ruins with Nia Vardalos.




England – James Chester

24904 england james chester

First name James
Last name Chester
Nationality Wales
Date of birth 23 January 1989
Age 30
Country of birth England
Place of birth Warrington
Position Defender
Height 180 cm
Weight 75 kg
Foot Right