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Gabriela Serpa

About Gabriela Serpa

Dancer, singer, actress and model with 1 million followers on Instagram. She s a dancer on the show La Banda del Chino, and a comedic actress on the sketch show El Wasap De JB. 

Early life

She trained at the D1 Cultural Association while studying Classical and Contemporary Dance at the National University of San Marco. She graduated in 2011. 


She was an actress on Aldo Miyashiro s show La Batería before it was cancelled in 2017.  

Family of Gabriela Serpa

She has two sisters named Brenda and Claudia who are also models.

Close associates of Gabriela Serpa

In July 2018, she played singer Luis Miguel in a sketch alongside comedian Canchita Centeno. 

Jojo Guadagno

About Jojo Guadagno

American dancer who built a fan base by publishing twerking videos and tutorials to both his jojoguadz Instagram account and his eponymous YouTube channel. He has gone on to build a sizable social media presence with over 80,000 followers on Instagram. 

Early life

He introduced his dog Romeo in an early Instagram photo. 


One of his most popular twerking videos was set to Todrick Hall s hit single “Low.” 

Family of Jojo Guadagno

He is from the United States. 

Close associates of Jojo Guadagno

In July 2016 he had the opportunity to meet reality television personality Laganja Estranja.  


Alyssa Bortono

About Alyssa Bortono

Dancer most well known as one fourth of the group AKSquared which rocketed to fame competing in Disney s Make Your Mark: Ultimate Dance-Off. After winning the competition, the group made their television debut in a 2011 episode of Shake It Up.

Early life

After entering the Ultimate Dance-Off in the summer of 2011, by the end of the year, AKSquared made their television debut.


Into high school, she became a championship dancer with her school s dance team.

Family of Alyssa Bortono

She and her brother Carmine are Arizona natives.

Close associates of Alyssa Bortono

Fellow AKSquared members Kalani Hilliker, Arielle Jennings, and Kailey Tamarkin starred alongside her on Shake It Up.


Alectra Cox

About Alectra Cox

American dancer best known for her appearances on the sixth season of the hit USA reality show Dance Moms. She has also modeled for brands like My Pink Kisses and has walked for Los Angeles and New York fashion weeks.

Early life

She grew up in Huntington Beach, California. At the age of ten, she was chosen to be a host on the kids show Trill Ship. 


She appeared in the Dunkin Donuts television commercial “Olympics: For the Road.”

Family of Alectra Cox

Her mother s name is Jaylynn. She has four older siblings. 

Close associates of Alectra Cox

She was featured on Dance Moms, the reality series starring the likes of Kendall Vertes. 


Ally Serigne

About Ally Serigne

Dancer and reality star best known as a member the Abby Lee Dance Company in the third season of Dance Moms. 

Early life

Before appearing on Dance Moms, she performed a duet competitively with her sister in 2006 called “Dear Friend.”


She took 2nd place for her solo “Forever and a Day” in the Dance Moms episode Out With the Old, In With the New.

Family of Ally Serigne

Her mother Shelly appears on Dance Moms and her sister Josie is also a dancer.

Close associates of Ally Serigne

She performed alongside fellow dancer Maddie Ziegler in her Dance Moms episodes The Big, Not So, Easy and The Beginning of the End.