Jorge Horacio Messi

Jorge Horacio Messi

Name Jorge Horacio Messi
Profession Family Member
Date of Birth 1958-01-01
Place of Birth Argentina
Death Date
Birth Sign Capricorn

About Jorge Horacio Messi

Gained fame on social media as the father of legendary Argentine footballer Lionel Messi. 

Early Life of Jorge Horacio Messi

During Lionel’s childhood, he worked as a manager for a steel factory. He also coached his son from the age of four at the local football club Grandoli. 


He began working as his son’s agent when Lionel was fourteen. 

Family Life

He and his ex-wife Celia Cuccittini had four children, Lionel, Maria Sol, Rodrigo, and Matias. 

Associated With

He has two grandsons, Thiago and Mateo, who were born to Lionel and Antonella Roccuzzo. 

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Horacio Cartes

Horacio Cartes

Name Horacio Cartes
Profession Politician
Date of Birth 1956-07-05
Place of Birth Asuncion,
Death Date
Birth Sign Cancer

About Horacio Cartes

Paraguayan entrepreneur and politician who was elected president of Paraguay in 2013.

Early Life Experience of Horacio Cartes

When he was nineteen, he founded a company for currency exchange that eventually became the Banco Amambay. He founded or spearheaded twenty five companies over the course of his career.

Trivia Info

He was the focus of several governmental investigations, including ones for money laundering and ties to the drug trade.

Family Life and Relationship

He married María Montaña de Cartes, with whom he had three children.

Close Associates

His inauguration was attended by Chilean president Sebastian Pinera.

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Horacio Quiroga

Horacio Quiroga

Name Horacio Quiroga
Profession Playwright
Date of Birth 1878-12-31
Place of Birth Salto,
Age 58 yrs
Death Date 1937-02-19
Birth Sign Capricorn

About Horacio Quiroga

Playwright, poet, and short story writer who is most known for works that emphasized the supernatural.

Early Life Experience of Horacio Quiroga

He received his education at the Polytechnic Institute of Montevideo.

Trivia Info

Beyond his writing career, he also had a passion for cycling, and once established the Cycling Society of Salto.

Family Life and Relationship

He was married to María Elena Bravo until 1934.

Close Associates

One of his favorite authors was suspense writer Edgar Allan Poe.

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