Mieczyslaw Horszowski

Mieczyslaw Horszowski

Name Mieczyslaw Horszowski
Profession Pianist
Date of Birth 1892-06-23
Place of Birth Ukraine
Age 100 yrs
Death Date 1993-05-22
Birth Sign Cancer

About Mieczyslaw Horszowski

Child prodigy who had one of history’s longest performing-arts careers.

Early Life Experience of Mieczyslaw Horszowski

His presentation of Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 1 in Warsaw in 1901 kicked off a tour of Europe and America where he was heralded for his youthful abilities.

Trivia Info

He briefly left performing in 1911 so he could study literature, philosophy, and art history in Paris.

Family Life and Relationship

His mother was his first teacher. She had been taught by Karol Mikuli whose teacher had been Frederic Chopin.

Close Associates

He played at the White House for two different presidents: John F. Kennedy and Jimmy Carter.

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