Beth Howland

Beth Howland

Name Beth Howland
Profession TV Actress
Date of Birth 1970-01-01
Place of Birth Boston, MA
Age 74 yrs
Death Date 2015-12-31
Birth Sign Gemini

About Beth Howland

Golden Globe-nominated actress who played Vera on the sitcom Alice.

Early Life of Beth Howland

She got her big break in a Carol Burnett Broadway musical Once Upon a Mattress.


She became the face of Salem Cigarettes on television.

Family Life

She was married to Bonnie and Clyde actor Michael Pollard.

Associated With

She got to act alongside Angela Lansbury on an episode of the series Murder, She Wrote.

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Olin Howland

Olin Howland

Name Olin Howland
Profession Movie Actor
Date of Birth 1886-02-10
Place of Birth Denver, CO
Age 73 yrs
Death Date 1959-09-20
Birth Sign Aquarius

About Olin Howland

Prolific Hollywood actor who appeared in over 200 films, including Little Women and A Star is Born. He appeared in the 1938 film, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and the 1958 film, The Blob.

Early Life Experience of Olin Howland

He made his acting debut on Broadway in 1909 and made a few attempts at silent film acting. He found his greatest success in sound films of the ’30s and ’40s.

Trivia Info

A versatile actor, he switched from dramas and mysteries in the ’30s to character actor in Westerns for Republic Pictures in the ’40s.

Family Life and Relationship

His sister was the actress Jobyna Howland.

Close Associates

In the 1950s, he starred in the television series, Circus Boy, opposite Micky Dolenz.

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Edward Howland Robinson Green

Name Edward Howland Robinson Green
Profession Entrepreneur
Date of Birth 1868-08-22
Place of Birth New York
Age 67 yrs
Death Date 1936-06-08
Birth Sign Leo

About Edward Howland Robinson Green

Son of the notorious Wall Street miser who became known for his large stamp and coin collections.

Early Life Experience of Edward Howland Robinson Green

His first business venture was to turn around the fortunes of a Texas rail line acquired by foreclosure.

Trivia Info

He had a leg amputated in his youth and still grew to be 6’4″ and close to 300 pounds.

Family Life and Relationship

His mother was Hetty Green, the Witch of Wall Street.

Close Associates

He was the Warren Buffet of his time, a businessman with many ventures and one of the wealthiest men in the country.

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