Husband E. Kimmel –

Husband E. Kimmel –

Name Husband E. Kimmel
Date of Birth 1882-02-26
Place of Birth Henderson, KY
Age 86 yrs
Death Date 1968-05-14
Birth Sign Pisces

About Husband E. Kimmel

Former Commander in Chief of the U.S Pacific Fleet who was one of the men held responsible for the disastrous results of Pearl Harbor.

Early Life Experience of Husband E. Kimmel

After graduating the U.S. Naval Academy in 1904, he served about several ships before reaching flag rank.

Trivia Info

Because he did not take precautions at Pearl Harbor like installing anti-torpedo defenses or long-range scouting, he was relieved of command and demoted. He left the Navy entirely in 1942.

Family Life and Relationship

He was born in Henderson, Kentucky and his father was a veteran of the Confederate army in the Civil War.

Close Associates

His sons fought for his exoneration and re-enstatement of his former rank, but President Bill Clinton and several of his predecessors refused.

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