Hussam Al Rassam

Hussam Al Rassam

Name Hussam Al Rassam
Profession World Music Singer
Date of Birth 1978-03-29
Place of Birth Iraq
Death Date
Birth Sign Aries

About Hussam Al Rassam

Iraqi singer who has been known to be the first Iraqi singer to debut after the 2003 Iraq War.

Early Life of Hussam Al Rassam

He started singing at a young age before he had his first successful album, Al Agrobah, released. He later starting singing for free in clubs to gain popularity.


He has worked with various poets, including Chechan and released many songs about the situations in Iraq.

Family Life

He grew up with his family in Hilla, Iraq.

Associated With

He started singing and releasing albums after the Saddam Hussein era in Iraq.

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