Pop Artist | Lexi Kaplan

Name Lexi Kaplan
Profession Pop Artist
Date of Birth 1993-07-20
Place of Birth Shorts Hill, NJ
Death Date
Birth Sign Cancer

About Lexi Kaplan

Pop artist who creates socially challenging works with her twin sister Allie. 

Early Life Experience of Lexi Kaplan

She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees from New York University. 

Trivia Info

She and her sister have earned over 170,000 followers on their joint Instagram account, the_kaplan_twins. 

Family Life and Relationship

She and Allie were born and raised in New Jersey. 

Close Associates

She and her sister are often compared to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. 

Soap Opera Actress |  Ariel Kaplan

Soap Opera Actress | Ariel Kaplan

Name Ariel Kaplan
Profession Soap Opera Actress
Date of Birth 1970-01-01
Place of Birth Johannesburg,
South Africa
Death Date
Birth Sign Taurus

About Ariel Kaplan

First known for her role in the series The Saddle Club between 2008 and 2009, she gained fame for her role as Imogen Willis on Neighbours.

Early Life Experience of Ariel Kaplan

She was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and moved with her family to Australia in 1996. She attended The Jane Moore Academy of Ballet and had early stage roles in adaptations of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, Annie, The Sound of Music and Les Miserables.

Trivia Info

She is a certified health coach and has expressed a desire to be a personal trainer.

Family Life and Relationship

She followed in the footsteps of her older sisters Dena Kaplan and Gemma-Ashley Kaplan, who are also dancers and actors. She started dating Dean Coops in 2017. She dated her Neighbours co-star Harley Bonner in 2016.

Close Associates

She starred with Olympia Valance on Neighbours.

TV Actress |  Dena Kaplan

TV Actress | Dena Kaplan

Name Dena Kaplan
Profession TV Actress
Date of Birth 1989-01-20
Place of Birth Johannesburg,
South Africa
Death Date
Birth Sign Aquarius

About Dena Kaplan

Known as Abigail Armstrong on the Australian teen television drama Dance Academy, she also played Stephanie Wolfe in City Homicide.

Early Life Experience of Dena Kaplan

She trained at the Australian Ballet School and the City Dance Centre. Her first stage performance was in the Production Company’s Carousel.

Trivia Info

She was a dancer and singer in the Disney production of Lion King before finding popular TV roles.

Family Life and Relationship

Her younger sister, Ariel Kaplan, starred in the children’s series The Saddle Club. Her older sister, Gemma-Ashley, is also an actress.

Close Associates

Lisa Niemi was her co-star on Dance Academy.

Turkey | Ferhat Kaplan

Turkey | Ferhat Kaplan

First name Ferhat
Last name Kaplan
Nationality Turkey
Date of birth 7 January 1989
Age 30
Country of birth Turkey
Place of birth Izmir
Position Goalkeeper
Height 190 cm
Weight 81 kg
Foot Right