Photographer |  Gregory Masouras

Photographer | Gregory Masouras

Name Gregory Masouras
Profession Photographer
Date of Birth 1993-01-26
Place of Birth Greece
Death Date
Birth Sign Aquarius

About Gregory Masouras

Photographer who started AnimationInreality in 2014 to turn real-life models into Disney princesses. He turned Gigi Hadid into Aurora and Jennifer Lawrence into Rapunzel on the cover of Vogue America. He has over 130,000 followers on his gregorymasouras Instagram account. 

Early Life Experience of Gregory Masouras

He started his AnimationInreality when he considered editing a cloud that looked like a Batman logo.

Trivia Info

He did a music video series where he transformed Taylor Swift into Cinderella and Rihanna into Pocahontas. 

Family Life and Relationship

He is from Greece.

Close Associates

He and Koffee both manipulate Disney Princesses for their work.

Greece | Giorgos Masouras

Greece | Giorgos Masouras

First name Giorgos
Last name Masouras
Nationality Greece
Date of birth 1 January 1994
Age 25
Country of birth Greece
Place of birth Amfilochia
Position Midfielder
Height 184 cm
Weight 76 kg
Foot Right