Jean Baptiste Massillon

Jean Baptiste Massillon

Name Jean Baptiste Massillon
Profession Religious Leader
Date of Birth 1663-06-24
Place of Birth France
Age 79 yrs
Death Date 1742-09-28
Birth Sign Cancer

About Jean Baptiste Massillon

Remembered as both a preacher at the Palace of Versailles and as the Bishop of Clermont, this Roman Catholic cleric was one of the most respected religious leaders of early eighteenth-century France.

Early Life of Jean Baptiste Massillon

He began his clerical career in his late teens and quickly developed a reputation as an eloquent religious speaker, eventually being appointed head of Paris’ Oratorian Seminary of Saint Magloire.


His sermons had widespread appeal due to their lack of dogmatism and their focus on real human emotion.

Family Life

The son of a notary for the French royal court, he spent his youth in Provence.

Associated With

He delivered an oration at the funeral of King Louis XIV of France.