Montague Druitt – Teacher

Montague Druitt – Teacher

Name Montague Druitt
Profession Teacher
Date of Birth 1857-08-15
Place of Birth England
Age yrs
Death Date 1888-12-01
Birth Sign Leo

About Montague Druitt

This late nineteenth-century English schoolteacher, barrister, and amateur cricket player is best remembered as a suspect in the infamous Jack the Ripper murders of 1888. Because it coincided with the cessation of the grisly killings, his early December suicide made him a person of interest in the crimes.

Early Life Experience of Montague Druitt

He earned his bachelor’s degree in Classics from the University of Oxford and became a barrister (lawyer) in the mid 1880s. In order to finance his legal education, he taught at a London boarding school.

Trivia Info

Many modern investigators into the Jack the Ripper murders have concluded that Druitt was likely not the killer.

Family Life and Relationship

He grew up in Dorset, England, with three brothers and three sisters. He and his siblings were the children of Ann Harvey Druitt and physician William Druitt.

Close Associates

He is a character in a Jack the Ripper-themed, Alan Moore-illustrated graphic novel titled From Hell.

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