Loai Naseem

Loai Naseem

Name Loai Naseem
Profession Fashion Designer
Date of Birth 1969-03-24
Place of Birth Saudi Arabia
Death Date
Birth Sign Aries

About Loai Naseem

Saudi men’s fashion designer known for designing the throbe. He became the CEO and founder of Lomar. He won Saudi’s Fast Growth Startup 100 List twice.

Early Life of Loai Naseem

He originally went to business school and quit after three years to help his dad launch businesses.


He was ranked #2 by Forbes on the list of Leaders Inspiring a Kingdom Saudi Arabia’s Entrepreneurial Elite in 2014.

Family Life

He hails from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Associated With

He and Christopher Kane are both men’s fashion designers.

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Comedian | Naseem Sabah

Name Naseem Sabah
Profession Comedian
Date of Birth 1991-10-25
Place of Birth Iraq
Death Date
Birth Sign Scorpio

About Naseem Sabah

Swedish-born comedian who has run the YouTube show Sihbet. he has accumulated over 60,000 subscribers on the aforementioned YouTube channel. 

Early Life Experience of Naseem Sabah

He first started posting to YouTube in July 2016. 

Trivia Info

He has earned over 140,000 followers on his naseem_sabah Instagram account. 

Family Life and Relationship

He originally hails from Kurdistan, Iraq; but would later move to Sweden. 

Close Associates

He posted a photo of Sophie Turner to his Instagram account in December 2017. 

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