Walther Nernst | Chemist

Walther Nernst | Chemist

Name Walther Nernst
Profession Chemist
Date of Birth 1864-06-25
Place of Birth Germany
Age 77 yrs
Death Date 1941-11-18
Birth Sign Cancer

About Walther Nernst

German physical chemist and physicist best known for discovering the third law of thermodynamics. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1920 for his theories behind the calculation of chemical affinity.

Early Life Experience of Walther Nernst

He was an avid fisherman and hunter and he studied physics and mathematics at the universities of Zürich, Berlin, Graz and Würzburg.

Trivia Info

He developed the Nernst Equation, which relates the equilibrium reduction potential of a half-cell in an electrochemical cell to the standard electrode potential.

Family Life and Relationship

He married Emma Lohmeyer in 1892 and they had two sons and three daughters together.

Close Associates

August Kekule and he are both famous German chemists.

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