Roy Neuberger

Roy Neuberger

Name Roy Neuberger
Profession Entrepreneur
Date of Birth 1903-07-21
Place of Birth Bridgeport, CT
Age 107 yrs
Death Date 2010-12-24
Birth Sign Cancer

About Roy Neuberger

Wall Street mogul worth billions who became a noted art collector with a fondness for painter Milton Avery.

Early Life Experience of Roy Neuberger

His first job was at a Manhattan department store, where he sold, among other things, paintings, instilling in him a lifelong appreciation for the art.

Trivia Info

He entered Wall Street months before Black Tuesday marked the start of the Depression, but he still made enough money to buy his first painting in 1939.

Family Life and Relationship

He had two sons and a daughter with his wife of 65 years, Marie.

Close Associates

His first acquisition was a painting by New Mexico artist Peter Hurd. Hurd later painted a portrait of Lyndon B. Johnson that the president memorably called the ugliest thing he ever saw.

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