Rapper |  JC La Nevula

Rapper | JC La Nevula

Name JC La Nevula
Profession Rapper
Date of Birth 1994-09-30
Place of Birth Santo Domingo,
Dominican Republic
Death Date
Birth Sign Libra

About JC La Nevula

Dominican world music singer/songwriter who is known for the singles “Yo Arriba y Tu Abajo,” “Tu Eres Mi Wife,” and “Yo Toy Rulay.” He has garnered over 850,000 followers on his eponymous Instagram account.

Early Life Experience of JC La Nevula

He began to produce his own music at the age of 12 after watching tutorials.

Trivia Info

In April 2017 he released the single “Buscate Otro.”

Family Life and Relationship

He is from the Dominican Republic.

Close Associates

Both he and Henry Santos hailed from the Dominican Republic.

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