Nikanor Grujic | Religious Author

Nikanor Grujic | Religious Author

Name Nikanor Grujic
Profession Religious Author
Date of Birth 1810-12-12
Place of Birth Hungary
Age 76 yrs
Death Date 1887-04-26
Birth Sign Sagittarius

About Nikanor Grujic

A Nineteenth-century author and religious figure, he is known for such literary works as The Epic of Saint Sabbas and Objections of Nikanor Grujic. He published an autobiography in 1907.

Early Life Experience of Nikanor Grujic

He studied at the Serbian Orthodox Seminary.

Trivia Info

His birth name was Milutin Grujic; he adopted the name Nikanor after taking his monastic vows.

Family Life and Relationship

He was born in Lippo to Agripina Kosic and Reverend Prokopije Grujic and had a brother, Dragutin, who also entered the priesthood.

Close Associates

He, like George Cosbuc, was an Eastern European poet and author.

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