YouTube Star |  Nikiforos Malagaris

YouTube Star | Nikiforos Malagaris

Name Nikiforos Malagaris
Profession YouTube Star
Date of Birth 2002-03-15
Place of Birth Greece
Death Date
Birth Sign Pisces

About Nikiforos Malagaris

Comedian on YouTube with a channel titled Nmc comedy that has earned north of 80,000 subscribers.

Early Life Experience of Nikiforos Malagaris

He created his comedy channel in January of 2013, but did not upload a first video until June of 2015.

Trivia Info

He runs a popular gaming channel on YouTube as well, which he called Nmc gamesHD. The channel had earned more than 15,000 subscribers within its first 10 months.

Family Life and Relationship

He began dating Marilena Kalomoiri in July of 2016.

Close Associates

He posted a Greek version of Luis Fonsi’s parody of “Despacito” to his main channel. 

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