Ludvig Nobel

Ludvig Nobel

Name Ludvig Nobel
Profession Entrepreneur
Date of Birth 1831-07-27
Place of Birth Sweden
Age 56 yrs
Death Date 1888-04-12
Birth Sign Leo

About Ludvig Nobel

Historically one of the world’s richest men. He became a philanthropist and humanitarian.

Early Life Experience of Ludvig Nobel

He designed the basics of the world’s first oil tanker.

Trivia Info

He treated his employees well, sharing profits with them and always seeking to improve their working conditions.

Family Life and Relationship

His brother Robert persuaded him to drill for oil in Baku. He then devised ways to transport the extracted oil.

Close Associates

His brother Alfred Nobel established the Nobel Prize Foundation.

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Alfred Nobel | Chemist

Alfred Nobel | Chemist

Name Alfred Nobel
Profession Chemist
Date of Birth 1833-10-21
Place of Birth Stockholm,
Age 63 yrs
Death Date 1896-12-10
Birth Sign Libra

About Alfred Nobel

Swedish chemist, engineer, and inventor. His fortune was used posthumously to create and fund the Nobel Prizes. In his lifetime, he issued 350 patents internationally and established 90 armaments factories. 

Early Life Experience of Alfred Nobel

He grew up wealthy after his father invented modern plywood and filed his first patent himself in 1857, for a gas meter.

Trivia Info

Nobel is credited with the invention of dynamite. While studying explosives, a shed he was using exploded at the factory in Heleneborg Stockholm, and killed five people, including his younger brother Emil.

Family Life and Relationship

He had four brothers and a sister named Betty.

Close Associates

He is the namesake of the Nobel Prize, of which Daniel Bovet is a winner.

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