Facebook Star |  Nuseir Yassin

Facebook Star | Nuseir Yassin

Name Nuseir Yassin
Profession Facebook Star
Date of Birth 1992-02-09
Place of Birth Israel
Death Date
Birth Sign Aquarius

About Nuseir Yassin

Short content creator who became known for making videos for AJ+. He would go on to create short one minute informational videos on his own Facebook page Nas Daily, which has earned more than 2 million followers. His videos are about both his life and the lives of those he meets on his travels worldwide. 

Early Life Experience of Nuseir Yassin

He graduated from Harvard University with a degree in economics and computer science in 2014. 

Trivia Info

He worked for some time as a software engineer for Venmo and as a freelance iOS developer and consultant before beginning his video career. 

Family Life and Relationship

Born in Israel, he would later settle in New York City. 

Close Associates

Like Ross Smith, he is an internet star who has gained a massive audience through Facebook. 

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