Metal Singer |  Mathias Nygard

Metal Singer | Mathias Nygard

Name Mathias Nygard
Profession Metal Singer
Date of Birth 1982-08-26
Place of Birth Hameenlinna,
Death Date
Birth Sign Virgo

About Mathias Nygard

Metal singer and founder of the band Turisas, who are known as much for their folk/metal fusion as their intimidating red and black body paint and viking-themed attire. He also performed keyboards and percussion for the band.

Early Life Experience of Mathias Nygard

He and Jussi Wickström originally formed the band in 1997, but their first album wasn’t released until 2004.

Trivia Info

The band is named after Iku-Turso, a Finnish sea monster of lore. Their third and fourth albums, Stand Up and Fight and Turisas2013 were both top 10 hits in Finland and charted in the top 100 in Germany.

Family Life and Relationship

He was born in Hameenlinna, Finland, but often performs in English.

Close Associates

He and his band have performed and toured with Dani Filth and Cradle of Filth.

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