Dancer |  ObeyDario

Dancer | ObeyDario

Name ObeyDario
Profession Dancer
Date of Birth 1998-07-16
Place of Birth Michigan
Death Date
Birth Sign Cancer

About ObeyDario

Dancer who co-founded the Detroit-based urban hip-hop dance crew ProdiJee and became well known for his Vine videos, where he could frequently be seen dancing.

Early Life Experience of ObeyDario

He got into the Vine game in October of 2013 and started using the hashtag #ProdiJee early on to promote his dance crew.

Trivia Info

Hashtags affiliated with him include #DarioMovement and #StayHumbleMovement. He has worked as a hip-hop choreographer and hip-hop dance instructor for recreational and competitive dance students at the metro Detroit dance studios Danse D’Amour Dance Studio and Step O.F.F. Dance Studio.

Family Life and Relationship

He has an older brother who is two years older than he is. He is from Detroit.

Close Associates

Safari Gage tagged him in a dance Vine video of hers on February 8, 2014.

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